...understand the foundations of quantitative research
...build competence in research design
...get constructive feedback to your insights
...solidify your practice with academic rigor
...get your ducks in a row

Foundations of Quantitative Research Design: From Idea to Data Collection (PhD)

This seminar deals with the basic foundation for designing quantitative studies. It aims to develop skills that enable one to design, conduct, report, and critically review quantitative studies. The course is focused on research design, and the conceptual and practical facets of the process from framing a research question and up to developing an instrument for data collection. The consequent data analysis will be the focus of later seminars. The seminar also covers the foundations of quantitative measurement of social science phenomena with emphasis on reliability and validity of constructs, as well as generalizability issues. Discussion topics include: research design, survey research and scales, field work and data collection, secondary research issues, and manuscript writing.

You will learn to…

Apply quantitative research methodology to a concrete research project
Frame research questions in the context of generalizable research
Develop causal models amenable to empirical testing
Design quantitative research programs
Generate appropriate instruments for quantitative data collection
Ascertain data needs, locate data sources, and assess the data quality
Discuss conceptual and practical facets of quantitative inquiry

Course Snapshot

Foundations of Quantitative Research Design
Level: PhD Seminar
Instructor: Dr. Michel Avital
Next Class: TBA
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