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Information Systems (MBA)

Nowadays, information technologies pervade almost any aspect of life. Information technologies are involved in informing and forming our worldviews, changing our work practices, reshaping our organizations, transforming our cultures and giving new meaning to being in the world. The course lays the foundations that enable one to understand the effect of information technologies settings on organizational value and people’s work-life experience. Keeping with its broad scope, the course explores the underlying relationship between information and organization with a focus on general principles and their application in the context of business and society. In view of the untangled fusion of human organizations and information systems, the course is designed to provide students with a portfolio of frameworks that allows critical assessment as well as innovative application of information technologies in business and organizational life. Please note the course does not cover or require a priori technical proficiency of any kind as well as any experience in management of technology.

You will learn to…

Identify ICT-enabled opportunities from personal and organizational perspectives
Explore new business models available in the digital economy
Gain a top-level integrated view on business and management using systems thinking
Appreciate the relationship between ICT and innovation
Become familiar with knowledge generation and management
Understand the impact of networks on organizing and fundamental business processes
Learn to utilize visual display of quantitative information
Develop your ability to take a critical view of ICT and related ventures

Course Snapshot

Information Systems
Level: MBA
Format: Seminar (more information)
Instructor: Dr. Michel Avital
Next Class: TBA
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