...ace your next project
...become successful in your next job
...set up a small venture
...unleash your creativity
...communicate your ideas convincingly

Information & Innovation (MSc)

This course explores theories and principles that enable key information technologies underlying much innovation and prosperity in an organizational and personal context. Topics include, for example, organizational systems thinking, approaches to systems design, design for innovation, social network theory and applications, virtual organizations and distributed work, social computing and information technology as agent of world benefit, and perspectives on IS research.

The course provides not only a framework for understanding information systems, but also a language to communicate their dynamic complexities and interdependencies. In seminar-style guided discussions, the course explores how information technology can enable innovation, how worldviews affect the design and use of these technologies, and how to identify timeless patterns and principles of operation in the technological hype de jour. Overall, the course provides a balanced mix of formal theory, critical thinking, and hands-on experience.

You will learn to…

Develop IT-enabled solutions in novel situations
Practice collective thinking and teamwork
Gain an insight to the way things around you work
Be creative, generate and evaluate ideas, design everything better
Thrive on your success rather than be bogged down with constraints
Increase the impact of your ideas by persuasive communication
Learn to see the whole picture with the systems approach
Apply and enhance your research skills

Course Snapshot

80078 (also: MIKIDI10) – Information and Innovation
Level: Master’s in Business studies
Format: Seminar (more information)
Instructor: Dr. Michel Avital
Next Class: January 2012
Last available syllabus: TBA


A Fab Lab Case Study in the Making

Students’ Testimonials…

“I can honestly say that the course was the most interesting and most enjoyable of the classes I have taken…I plan on putting the project that was completed in this class on my resume.”

“Challenging course, a lot of self-directed thinking…Lot’s of practical, hands-on experience.”

“Wow, this was a challenging class. Not so much in the sense of quantitative work, but as it requires me to figure out how things really work. I learned so much.”

“Good learning environment and good teamwork. It was an excellent opportunity to experience project development in a safe environment.”

“I feel that this was a great learning experience which made me somewhat regret that I’m not going into an information systems-focused career.”