...step into a lifelong research endeavor
...become familiar with the classics of IS research
...learn who's who
...get constructive feedback to your insights
...publish your original work

IM Fundamentals Seminar (PhD)

This introductory seminar is designed to help doctoral students to understand the context of information systems research, to become familiar with the main research streams and contributing scholars, to introduce the common research approaches, and to provide a ‘safe environment’ to step into lifelong research endeavor. In addition to covering a rich subset of the IS research literature, the seminar seeks to prepare the foundations that will assist the participants in developing and writing their first research paper.

You will learn to…

Become familiar with the foundations of information systems research
Gain an insight about the impact of IT on individuals and organization
Identify overarching themes, gaps, and ongoing debates in IS research
Develop critical perspective on IS research
Discover possibilities for future state of the art research studies
Build on and extend the current body of knowledge
Reflect on your experience and personal opinions in the context of IT
Apply and enhance your research skills

Course Snapshot

Information Management Fundamentals Seminar
Level: PhD Seminar
Instructor: Dr. Michel Avital
Next Class: TBA
Registration: Contact instructor
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