Design and innovation are the leitmotif in my work that focuses on examining the crossroads of information, technology, and people. My research combines both soft and hard methods to advance theory and knowledge about how information technologies are developed, applied, managed and consumed in the context of human organizations. I am particularly interested in research of enduring consequence and value partnerships with business organizations as well as the community at large.

In my work, I predominantly use a positive lens–this means that I seek to advance a scholarship that is less focused on the detection of error and control of chronic problems and more concerned with positive change that involves the encouragement of human strengths and emphasizes a positive stance toward our capacity to construct better organizations and technologies. When applied to information systems scholarship, the positive lens allows for broader considerations of social context and emphasizes responsible and ethical attention to human possibilities. From a pedagogical perspective, I challenge every student to be all he or she can be. I walk the talk and promote a classroom environment that is conducive to open dialogue, collaboration, learning, and personal growth. Overall, the positive lens and appreciative inquiry in particular provides an outstanding vehicle for strength-based interdisciplinary research on socio-technical theories and practices that foster betterment in human organizations and communities.

Michel Avital